2008 Workshop background, outcomes and resources


Discovering your Second Life Workshops 2008 


Murdoch University Library (Library Training Room 1.015)





Slideshow giving background to Second Life:

  1. What is Second Life ?
  2. Universities and Second Life
  3. Murdoch University and Second Life



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This 2 minute clip from Ohio University is a bit cheesy, but a nice outline of how one university is using Second Life:




What Murdoch University Library is doing in Second Life









Session 1 - Creating your avatar

By the end of the session, participants will:


  1. Understand some educational uses of Second Life
  2. Know where to find further information about education , libraries and Second Life
  3. Have visited the Second Life web page
  4. Know how to check technical specifications for running second life
  5. Have selected a Second Life name
  6. Have logged into Second Life using their Second Life name
  7. Have visited Orientation Island in Second Life
  8. Have learned how to "friend" another avatar
  9. Have accepted an inventory offer from another avatar
  10. Have completed four very basic orientation tutorials in how to:
    1. Move
    2. Search
    3. Communicate
    4. Appearance
  11. Know how to teleport to Second Life mainland.



Session 2 - Doing more with your avatar

PREREQUISITE: You must already have a Second Life avatar with a Mainland Passport

By the end of the session, participants will:

1. Learn how to use a SLURL on a web page to get somewhere in Second Life

2. Read a notecard

3. Add a friend, Instant message them and Teleport them

4. Practise flying

5. Have forced a webpage into their browser from within Second Life

6. Have received an item from an object

7.Know how to wear an item of clothing

8. Understand how to animate their avatar

9. Have visited at least one educational site within Second Life








Vitual world codes of conduct






Further Australian resources about onine virtual worlds



Further resources about education and online virtual worlds



Further resources about libraries and online virtual worlds


This clip is a tour of some library services in the Information Archipelago



This is a 45 minute Audio file with slides. It is a recording of a talk by Kathryn Greenhill at the State Library of Victoria, 23 July 2007 - Virtual Libraries, Real Librarians: What libraries are doing in Second Life and how you can join in.